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Zubeida Toefy
Founder member. 
Retired nursing sister
"Umntu Ngumntu Ngabantu"
"A person is made a person by others"
Brenda Joshua
Red Cross Spinal Defects Clinic Sister
Washiela Safa




"God blessed me with a handsome spina bifida son, to experience life's many opportunities through his life encounters"

Frances Pietersen

" Being a mother of a Spina bifida son  and a board member enables me to add value to Aiden's social life as well as the lives of other people with Spina bifida that he will meet."

Rozanne Bihl



Nursing sister Paediatrics and Stomatherapy


"I visualize that all people with Spina bifida and hydrocephalus will have a association to empower them to overcome  all obstacles that hinders them from having a quality of life"

Veronica Marcus
Assistant Treasurer

"To all the young peope out there with spina bifida... Don't give up on your dream of becoming self supporting"

Advisory Board members

  • Dr. Graham Fieggen

  • Dr John Lazarus

  • Dr Stewart Dix-Peek

  • Dr. Kirsty Donald

  • Dr. Karen Fieggen

  • Bridget Van der Merwe

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