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The role players of the Spinal Defects Clinic at Red Cross War Memorial Hospital, together
with the Spina Bifida parent support group, who have been working together for the past 21
years, have on 2nd October 2014 launched ASBAH SA ( a fully constituted Not for Profit Organization ).


Our Main Objectives are:


  • To protect and promote the interests of all persons with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and related disabilities .
  • To promote and/or support measures which will prevent or reduce the occurrence of disabling conditions and their effects.
  • To promote,undertake and or support such accessible and equitable community based medical, educational, vocational, social, recreational rehabilitation and social services and facilities as may be required by persons with disabilities to achieve independence.


So far we have:


  • Started 3 community based parent support groups.
  • Assisted with the formation of a Gauteng chapter of ASBAH SA. We aim to have a footprint in every province.
  • We have written to the Department of health to work with them in health programme development at both policy level, ensuring that appropriate care is available for spina bifida patients, and at a practical training level. As ASBAH we are committed to outreach and education, but often lack the forum in which to be most effective. We would really like to get involved with workshops for public health and community health centre staff and school health nurses.
  • We will be having a school awareness day on 19 August 2015.
  • We are planning a conference for 21 October 2015.
  • To celebrate International World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day, ( 25 October ) we are having a reunion on 24 October 2015
  • On the recommendation of Minister Mbombo who we had the pleasure of hosting at our
    organization in May 2015, we have made contact with Dr Naledi, Head of
    Programmes,Western Cape Department of Health, as we need to be  involved with
    workshops, for Primary Health and Community Health staff.
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